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Pushed to the wasteland: Environmental racism against Roma communities in Central and South-Eastern Europe

The ENVJUSTICE – EJAtlas team at ICTA - UAB in collaboration with European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Human Rights activists releases a thematic map on environmental racism against Roma communities in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Map of Airport-Related Injustice and Resistance

This online interactive map brings together case studies documenting a diversity of injustice related to airport projects across the world. It was developed in collaboration between the Environmental Justice Atlas and Stay Grounded.
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Katigan peatland conservation and REDD project excluding traditional owners, Kalimantan, Indonesia

This conflict concerns the population of Bapinang Hilir in the South of Kalimantan island, Borneo and the Indonesian company Rimba Makmur Utama (RMU). Carbon trading is restructuring local communities.

Water mega-basins in the Deux-Sèvres county, France

The French state wants to build several water retention basins to favour irrigation for intensive farming. Local collectives join in order to prevent the construction of the basins.

Sakatti Mine, Finland

In the Arctic, resource extraction has been increasing since 2005. In the municipality Sodankylä, the mining company Anglo American has underway a controversial project for cobalt, nickel, copper and other metals.

Opposition in Vancouver (Canada) to Deep-Sea Mining in Nauru

A proposal to mine the deep sea has prompted rejection from environmental groups and corporations alike who fear catastrophic levels of carbon could be released from the subsoil.

Thabametsi coal-fired power plant stopped, Limpopo province, South Africa

In 2020, after years of legal struggles, including South Africa's first climate litigation, the Thabametsi coal-fired power plant project was finally cancelled.

The ban on pesticides aerial spraying in banana plantations in Davao, Phillipines

EJOs are seeking a response from the government by expanding the conflict on aerial banana spraying from Davao City to the entire country.

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